Spring Lawn Care – What You Need To Know

Saving money and time on any activity is the foremost concern for everyone and anyone. The case is no different with lawn care business. People put lot of money on building a lawn while moving to a new home or constructing a new property. Sadly, they end up with an ill-maintained lawn that becomes a worrisome source of continued expenses. The best way to avoid such a circumstance is to have your lawn and lawn care needs planed in advance.

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Grass grows better in alkaline soil, so if your soil is too acidic you may find your lawn is not growing well. You need to find out how acidic your soil is before you lime it, this way you’ll know how much lime to use. You can buy kits which test the PH of your lawn care business which will give you an indication of how much lime to use.

Garage sale – no, I’m not suggesting you sell or rent out this area of your house. But I am suggesting you pare down. If you have so much stuff in your house that it has leaked out into the outside area, it is time for a sale, a giveaway, or perhaps a visit to the landfill. Go through what is being stored there now. If it is not pertaining to the outdoor kingdom (i.e. lawn care, outdoor sports), either bring it inside or haul it away.

If you don’t have a website make sure you get one before you write your ad. Almost everyone these days has internet access and this will give your leads a chance to read all about you and your starting lawn care business. You can usually buy hosting for $10.00 per month some times even cheaper if you have just one website so shop around. I go with Hostgator which has great support but there are quite a few others available if you google website hosting you’ll find all the major ones. Also when getting your website developed, make sure you have some form of lead contact form on the page. When people visit your website offer a 30 minute free consultation or something similar like a free estimate to get people to fill out your form.

One of the first things to do prior to setting up your own lawn care company is to determine what your market is as well as who your competitors are. You should know who is offering similar businesses to your own. To learn more about the industry in your area, you need to know how well other lawn care companies are doing in that area. By doing this, you also learn what it will take to operate your business. This means allowing yourself to know the amount of capital you will need to get started, too. Gathering this information may take a bit of time, but it will help you to establish a business that is successful from the start. It also makes setting up your own lawn care business simpler.

Your lawn is the showcase of your home. Weeding, seeding and feeding it will help continue to keep it plush and green for years of family fun and entertainment.

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Spring Lawn Care – What You Need To Know

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