How To Use Google Sites To Capture Real Estate Leads

Do you think it is possible to grow your MLM business without a constant supply of quality MLM leads? Many people trying to succeed with an MLM business will make a lot of excuses but the reality is that having a good supply of quality leads and prospects is by far the most important factor in determining your success.

You install a secondary sales mechanism to your site that will enable you to do all the follow up of your visitors to your website at a later time. The majority of your followed-up sales will come from your prospects and bought-customers by following up with them who have already visited your site.

When people try to manipulate you and turn you into some kind of victim, think long and hard and see if they’re making sense or if they’re trying to get you over their way of thinking by painting a broad brush by over generalizing.

People love free things. Set up a free seminar in your neighborhood that lets others see what you have to offer. Let people have your product at no charge for a short amount of time. Become a consultant for a short amount of time, for free. A lot of people will come to your site and sign up for your newsletter, if it means that they can get some free stuff. Obviously, you can stop giving out free services when you start getting additional business leads.

Once you have your solo ad campaign up and running, and your home biz is starting to show a profit, you will be tempted to spend the money – BUT DON’T! At first you should invest any income right back into your business. At this point, you may want to start trying some other ad sources.

The first thing you must understand with mlm lead generation company is that you are either going to be spending time, money or both. If you have the financial resources available you’ll be able to leverage that in your marketing through different paid media strategies. If you lack financial resources you’ll be spending your time to implement the strategies which are FREE but time intensive.

I was recently in Darwin in the Northern Territory talking to some Commercial Agents. Within the team there were some top performers and some very ordinary salespeople. The ratio was 15% to 85%. I think you know how the ratio was biased!

Facebook is another platform in which you can use for FREE mlm lead generation. I put together a quick video that explains how you can use Facebook the RIGHT way. Click here to see just one way you can use Facebook for you mlm lead generation.

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How To Use Google Sites To Capture Real Estate Leads

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