How To Find Song Lyrics

Since The Fall of Gilead is still being released (and I only have the first two issues anyway) I figured now would be a good time to take a break from the Dark Tower comics and cover the issues of the comic adaptation of The Stand, rather than stop mid-series.

The Stray Cats’ “Stray Cat Strut” was one of the rare videos of the era that actually had something to do with the free song lyrics. At eight years old when this was in heavy rotation I didn’t know the word rockabilly but I knew this music was the definition of cool. The big guitar, the over the top hair and the vintage clothes make this a crowd you’d party with, if you could dodge the old lady.

Promo Tip #37 Cross promote online on your web sites with local bands as well. You give them a boost on your site and they give the same back to you. Ask other people to LINK TO YOUR music site from their website!

Ec: Tara thanks so much for explaining how intuition can bring more joy, satisfaction and personal and professional growth in our lives. I bet a lot of people may still have more questions. How can people contact you to learn more about becoming friends with their intuitive gifts?

TR: Well that has been known to work but there is a better way. My definition of intuition is that still inner voice within that we all have but have learned to discount. Einstein called intuition the highest form of knowing. The word intuition means “in to you” in Latin. It is the voice of inspiration or sudden insight that comes from out of the blue. It’s been called the sixth sense, an inner knowing or divine guidance. My experience is that it is an incredibly valuable resource that helps us live our lives more fully once we learn to recognize how it communicates with us.

Promo Tip #27 You must network. Meet people, get out there, shake hands, listen to them as well and let them know about your music. Build those relationships.

Folk Music. If you have heard some music that sounds unpopular or uses different kinds of languages and rhythm then maybe this is a folk music. This type of music originated in a particular country or place. They are traditional sounds that are already a part of their culture that will soon be shared to their younger generations. You can feel different emotions such as survival and cultural struggles in this type of music and that’s what makes it really unique and different from any other forms of sounds.

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