Summer Time (And The Living Is Easy?)

The age-old question of ‘what to do with this left-over turkey’ lives on today, but with the revival of the slow cooker, we now have more options for stretching our food dollars by creating some delicious crock pot turkey recipes.

And when the women want a night out with just the girls, they can choose to attend the newly formed interest group “Girls Night Out.” The group hopes to take in shows at the Orpheum, go bowling and even schedule nature walks.

While you’re in the kitchen, find out if there are adjustments you can make there to improve mom’s efficiency later on. If you can introduce some new kitchen storage tools to help ease some of her organization pain, you really are a great friend.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the day-to-day obligations of Meal Prep on a budget, diaper changes, carpooling, appointment management, shopping, paperwork, and so on, that we forget the simple things.

Well now my kids are a little older. I didn’t see the busy schedule sneak up on me, but it did. It started with skating lessons and led to hockey. Volleyball emerged, then AAU volleyball led to track. We added football and baseball and there’s no end in sight. The kids still keep their grades up, so I don’t know how to say no – but a few years ago I sure thought that would be easy.

Yogurt is a food that can be enjoyed year-round. It’s live bacteria helps a healthy immune system sustain balance. Stir in a bit of wheat germ for texture and extra vitamins. Whole grains, like found is some breads, contains Vitamin E and zinc, along with a host of other good-for-you things. This, too, will help maintain a healthy immune system. And, as much as it may make our breath unpleasant, garlic packs a wallop as one of the greatest disease-fighting foods. As a perk, it adds great flavor to stews, soups and spaghetti as well as lasagna.

Throw all the ingredients for beef stew into your crock pot in the morning, set it to “low” and turn on the timer for a delicious pre-made meal that will be ready when you walk in the door in the evening. There is nothing faster than “done”.

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Summer Time (And The Living Is Easy?)

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