Six Solid Reasons To Invest In Gps For Trucks

Every fleet manager knows that a stolen truck is faster and easier to find if it is equipped with a GPS tracking device. How likely you are to have a truck stolen depends on what kind of cargo you carry in your trucks. What’s in those trucks could account for more than six solid reasons to invest in GPS for trucks.

With GPS for trucks you will know exactly where every truck is at every minute of the day or night. If you are the kind of fleet manager who will not leave work until you know every truck is safely parked for the night, you won’t need to wait for a phone call. If timing of deliveries is important, you can stay on top of expected arrival times and notify customers when a driver is ahead of schedule or behind. If you operate a fleet of service vehicles, you know which vehicle is closest to a customer with a real emergency.

But what do you make when you want to trouble-shoot monitor? Do you trouble-shoot yourself or do you choose a صيانة شاشات سامسونج technician to solve on the problem for you? The response is which you can decide on either 1. If you’re careful, you are able to attempt to fix the difficulty yourself.

As mentioned in previous articles, to troubleshoot LCD monitor is easy but to get the part is a little bit difficult. Samsung don’t sell you the mainboard, if you send to them for repair, they will charge a very high price which is not worth to repair.

There are two options for you: Either you change the whole panel or go to the LCD controller board, and try reflowing the controller ic. See if that works.

After opened up the cover, I check the on/off signal from the mainboard to the inverter board. With signal cable in, there was no on/off signal to the inverter board but when the signal cable was disconnected, you could see clearly from your meter there is a on/off signal going into the inverter board thus the display appeared with the check signal OSD present at the display. From this test, it is very obvious is the main board problem.

If you are unsuccessful one more choices is deciding on a Monitor professional. Most solutions are simple like dry joints, while others may possibly be far more extensive trouble-shooting and component replacement. It is much better to ask for an quotation on the repair job so that it is possible to determine no matter whether or not you should buy a new monitor instead. Now, new monitors are affordable or just slightly than expert’s repair services. In case you pay far more for your monitor, then you may think about the second option.

Replacing the fuse only put the DELL E152Fpb LCD Monitor back to life. The lesson learned from here is that don’t assume that a component is always in a good working condition. You have to confirm it with your meter and if you still suspect the component is giving problem, simply replace it with a known good one and retest the equipment. Semiconductors can breakdown when under full operating voltage.

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Six Solid Reasons To Invest In Gps For Trucks

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