Internet Marketing For Artists – Important Traffic Sources

Today I want to discuss a very important topic especially to those that are new to internet marketing. It is the topic of “branding” yourself as an internet marketer. You may have read one of my previous hub pages on advice for an internet marketing “newbie”. This concept of “branding” yourself should be a priority #1 when starting your internet business.

Article marketing is a good place for many people to start because it’s effective and it’s just not that complicated. I recommend doing about two weeks of article marketing and then once you have the process down (it probably won’t take you two weeks by the way) move onto something else. Once you have mastered the next thing pick something else… this goes on and on.

Also, I join forums that interest me, and not just ones in my niche. I have a life outside of online marketing and I have more interests than internet marketing. Internet marketing is what I do, not who I am. It’s not to project that I’m more well rounded (instead of just fat), it’s a reflection of the fact that I am more well rounded.

The point of this thread is you know yourself and use your knowledge when applying any instructions obtained from any source. One way to start this awareness is to use the old paper and pencil trick or a computer if that is better. Regardless after reading all the steps on “how to do it” make a list of activities and skills required to do those steps.

Another way to spread your message and your affiliate link is by participating in relevant online groups and forums. You can place your affiliate link in your signature. When you make posts in the forums, you will be advertising your affiliate link by placing a link in your signature.

Is it that the top notch speech they gave listing all the great features of their opportunity, or product was not up to standard? Was there any other way the salesman could have enticed the owner to want to buy from him? Most probably not…

Finally, enhance content stick-ness and optimize your web pages using proper keywords in your site to develop your website so once your visitors arrive, they will want to stay. The World Wide Web uses linking to connect us all. By using hard work to create a quality website and common sense when linking you can stop worrying and start succeeding in internet marketing attempt.

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Internet Marketing For Artists – Important Traffic Sources

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