How To Find A Good Phonics Tutor

As an educator for 21 years now, I have seen many “new and improved” ways of teaching reading, but overwhelmingly the one way that I have seen, that works best, is teaching phonics – still. That doesn’t mean that whole language or manipulations do not have its place, it simply means that phonics should not be “thrown out with the bathwater.” Yet, that is what has happened too often, in too many schools. In many school systems, phonics is now taught based on the teaching strategy of the teacher but not based on school curriculum.

There are many ways that we as American’s can donate to charities. We can send money, food, and clothing to numerous storehouses or people we come upon. Whether it is online, or in the grocery store, there are many different opportunities we can take to help those who are in need. That can be the best way to help our Nation start climbing again since the economy’s been down is phonics course helping those who can’t help themselves. A little bit, especially in donations, can go a long way.

Farris, (1996) A teacher provides service phonics for kids society because no one can become a doctor, lawyer, police officer etc without first going to elementary and secondary schools. Perhaps, no other profession is as rewarding and challenging as teaching (p21).

Ranga (2005): The teacher should possess such skills and competencies so that his task may be easy, useful and effective. He should know the techniques and procedures which should be adopted in his profession. He should think about the active performance of his duties.

On the other hand, if you are home schooling your child, you have to be a lot more serious and focused in your approach. Your child’s future education will be solely dependent on whether they can read and write well from the outset.

There are many ways which can be used to teach the alphabets to the kids. One is the traditional way of telling the name of the alphabet and asking the child to write the letter. There are numerous Phonetics for kids software which can be used to teach the sound of the alphaets. One better way is to use the worksheets, in which there can be many types. Once is recognising the alphabet and circling the alphabet. Another is finding out the picture starting with the alphabet. The other method is colouring. In all these, the child will be accompanied with parent or teacher which will be more interactive and interesting for the child to learn in a better way.

Finally, when teaching your preschooler to read you will require some tools. What this simply means is that if you want to guarantee success you need to get some help from those who have already done this successfully.

And when teaching phonics you can break it down to a phonic sound a day. This way you are adding to what your child already knows. Again I prefer the Montessori approach as I think it is the most effective.

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How To Find A Good Phonics Tutor

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