Good Website Design Should Start With Search Engine Optimization

As a web designer, I have a personal interest in a new trend which threatens to put me and my kind out of business. That “threat” is Web Design Templates. In short they are ready-made web design products which can be used as a basis for a fast and high-quality website. You usually receive a Photoshop file (.psd), Flash file (.fla), HTML files with your tables and initial scripting already complete, fonts, sounds and anything else which may be part of the website design.

Too much focus on flash, glitz and sophisticated graphics. The best sites are those where website design and content work together to project a harmonious feeling about your business and to underscore the purpose of the website.

Sign up for advertising from Adsense or one of the many other advertising agencies and put ads on your site. Adsense is a very good one. Make sure your site is finished, or at least appears finished…no “under construction” signs, or Adsense will reject you.

Using a complicated navigation around the site. Most websites put the buttons on the left or right of the page. Main navigation such as the about us, contact us, home page, faq, etc. are normally on top of the page. Don’t try and be impressive – keep the navigation simple to get around your site, or you could risk alienating your visitors.

But, they don’t actually tell you anything. They say a bunch of nothingness and for some reason you keep reading or you keep listening. “This Program,” “My Program,” “What I am about to show you…” all a bunch of nothingness. It goes against logic.

So, a bit of lateral thinking may lead you to this domain, fordsierraservicingypurtown. You do have to watch that the domain is not too long. Try and keep it simple if at all possible. Think how easy it will be for internet users who you want to attract to your business, to find you.

It takes two to tango which means you should ask about the website and how much SEO work will be done, if any. Then cost around your best options based on what each company says. Try to find a company with a guarantee so that your risks are less if they can’t perform what they promise you.

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Good Website Design Should Start With Search Engine Optimization

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