Free Printable High-Interest Low-Vocabulary Phonics Lessons And Stories – Long I Sounds

Guided Reading is when the children can read by themselves. With guided reading always start with something easy to read to help build confidence. Usually your child should be able to understand about 90% of the book. It is better to start with picture books so your child can look at the pictures to get the words.

First of all it is important that a child master some degree of reading before teaching comprehension. Teaching division before Phonics lesson addition and subtraction is out of step. Teaching comprehension before teaching some degree of reading is the same. So I teach children to read one or more early reader books (preferably more) before teaching them to understand what they are reading.

In order for you to be able to make objectives more meaningful, you may want to include both wide and narrow objectives. The wide objectives would be more like ambitions and they would include the overall goal of the lesson plan, for example, in order for you to gain familiarity with adding two numbers together.

What skills or hobbies do you have? Could you provide a service to someone who would benefit from your skills or your hobbies? Are you good with computers, Phonics sounds of alphabets lesson for kids, decorating, gardening, landscaping etc? Service type jobs will usually bring in money quick.

Explain that the students should write new words (using the markers) inside the body of the snowman that rhyme with the “hat” word. Show the students the attached example Phonics lesson for kids figure

The pit bull image was used for many military posters during WWI and WWII. A pit bull named Sgt. Stubby was a real WWI war hero. Due to his extreme sensitivity to poison gas (having survived a poisoning) Sgt. Stubby saved his entire platoon by waking up the sleeping soldiers in the trenches and warning them in time to don their gas masks. He was also twice wounded in action and he captured a German spy, singlehandedly by biting him in the buttocks and keeping him on the ground until American soldiers arrived to investigate what all of Sgt. Stubby’s barking was about!

Most adult are more interested in labels in the supermarket than books so I get them to read labels. If the computer based system is not working I bring out the Montessori sandpaper letters. Now sandpaper letters could be regarded by some adults as very childish, so if they turn their nose up at them, forget the sandpaper letters and just use the computer.

Hang the pictures in the hall next to each other and you really get a feel for the different species. Attach the reports to the pictures and you have a really nice display. The children will be so proud of all the work they did.

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Free Printable High-Interest Low-Vocabulary Phonics Lessons And Stories – Long I Sounds

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