Basement Waterproofing In Four Easy Steps

You have the classic signs of concrete slab foundation distress. OK, your house does. Doors and windows don’t work right, you have cracks around the frames or cracks in your brick veneer. You think your foundation is going to need some work. Then you open the mail or the newspaper and there it is. A “valuable coupon” offering a tidy little sum off the foundation repair job.

Next, it’s time to dig your footings. Follow your plans, and dig holes that are 12 inches wide and about 18 inches deep. Be sure to dig an extra couple of inches of slab area to allow for the sand/vapor barrier.

The fine print says you must present the coupon at the time you receive your free estimate. It also says you only have a couple of weeks to make that call or the coupon expires. What to do?

Next, have an independent structural engineer with foundation experience inspect your slab and generate a report detailing the findings. Your slab leveling job may cost several thousand dollars. The inspection will cost several hundred dollars depending on the size of your home. Spend. The. Money. The information about the state of your foundation will be coming from a professional engineer who’s obligation is your best interest and not from a professional pier salesmen who’s most likely obligation is to sell repair services.

Cracks or shifts in your crown molding. Crown molding is molding between your sealing and your wall. If your crown molding begins to pull away at the sides (i.e. in corners or where two pieces meet) this is a sign that your home is shifting and your foundation might be in trouble. This is especially true if the crack begins in the wall and continues up into the molding.

Do… hire an experienced foundation repair companies contractor. You can’t make up for lack of experience. Hire a contractor who’s “been there, done that.” They can correctly diagnose your problem, find the source, and fix it quickly.

Always get more than 1 estimate before choosing the company for the repairs. This will always make you are not getting ripped off or overcharged by the company doing your repairs.

Often homeowners fall into the trap of hiring a relative, neighbour, office colleague or friend with construction knowledge and who used to fix problems of this kind back in college. They do this to save money. However, experience shows getting people such as these involved can often turn a bad problem into an even greater nightmare with the extra expense of undoing a botched job. Instead of relying on their free of cost ‘help’, you should hire qualified professionals with a sound knowledge of what the job involves.

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Basement Waterproofing In Four Easy Steps

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