5 Important Hearing Aid Buying Tips

When I had to start looking for a hearing aid for my mother, I found hundreds of different options on the market. I know nothing about hearing aids for seniors! I spent well over 97 hours researching these options available, and before I knew it, WELL over 2 solid weeks of my time was gone.

Most audiologists are not doctors. They do have a formal education, most often with Masters Degrees; more and more are getting doctorates. Until fairly recently they did not dispense hearing aids.

Some In-The-nano hearing aids reviews may come with extra features installed; like a telecoil, which is a magnetic coil that can make it easier for you to converse over the telephone. This type of hearing device is usually not used by young children, because as children grow, the ear moulds have to be replaced often.

This also means that digital hearing aids are more expensive. Regular analog hearing aids are being phased out and replaced by programmable analog and digital. In fact, many dealers only sell digital aids, which are far more popular among hearing aid users.

Hearing aid technology is constantly improving, and new products are being introduced all the time. To understand what your loved one needs, you first must know how a hearing aid works.

So what did I pay? $1990 for a pair of hearing aids, and guess what? I got a great pair of hearing aids for less than $2500.00 I also got a 1 year supply of batteries included with my purchase, a year warranty, 45 days to try them out. They are clear, no color. I like them a lot. These hearing aids automatically adjust to loud noisy areas, which was important to me. They are directional. I got them custom programmed to my test results. All for $1990, I am not saying that $1990 isn’t expensive, but I am saying I know that I got a good price. I consider them the perfect buy, I have no regrets so far.

The enhanced digital sound quality is literally crystal clear… at least, that’s what my mother says. Digital hearing aids will give the individual the best chance to hear everything around them with ease.

It’s been my experience that while people try earnestly to speak clearly and a little slower, after a while they forget and go right back to speaking quickly or leave the room while they are talking. I sometimes have to tactfully remind them to repeat, slow down by asking “pardon me?” Usually, that’s all it takes, just a gentle reminder. Communication is a two-way street and it is just as much my responsibility to let the speaker know when I am not “hearing” them properly.

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5 Important Hearing Aid Buying Tips

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